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Rob Smith Fox News Wikipedia And Biography, Is He Married With A Wife? Top 109 Best Answers

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Burglarize is a veteran of the Iraq War. From 2000 to 2005 he spent the longest part of his life in the US armed forces.

Smith is also an essayist. He is the author of Always a Soldier: Service, Sacrifice and Coming Out as America’s Favorite Black, Gay

In addition, the columnist also has his own web recording accessible on Apple Podcasts, which receives incredible reviews.

Ransack Smith Fox News Wikipedia and Biography Fox News political examiner Ransack Smith is not yet accessible in Wikipedia’s authority section. Here’s every fascinating truth you should know about him.

Smith is a political expert and Iraq War veteran who is also a supporter of Turning Point USA.

Defining moment USA is a non-profit organization that strives to shed light, teach, and assemble undergraduates to create opportunity.

In addition to being a columnist, Rob is also an essayist and makes digital broadcasts. He is the author and director of @douglasssociety.

The Douglass Society is a non-profit association associated with the rebellion against the media’s portrayal of black people as ceaseless victims.

Is Rob Smith married to a woman? No, Rob Smith is not married to a spouse. Shockingly, Rob isn’t straight. He’s straight up gay and happy with it.

Smith has been posing as gay since he was in school. He is bonded to his significant other, Misha Safronov, a visual fashion designer.

Smith sealed the deal with Misha around 2017. The couple has been together for almost 5 years now.

Be that as it may, very little was aware of the team’s first meeting, how they met, how they started dating, and finally got stopped.

Loot Smith Salary and Ransack Smith Net Worth put the total fortune at around $500,000. The referenced digit may differ from the base as it is only a guess.

Loot’s vocation as a columnist and as a former US serviceman has helped him bring in a colossal amount of cash.

Apart from that, the writer Smith has also kept in touch with some of the books which helped him to add more eminences.

Smith also webcasts on Apple Podcasts, discussing political issues and studying the matter.

Continuously a Soldier: Service, Sacrifice and Coming Out as America’s Favorite Black, Gay Republican follows Rob’s insight into the US Army’s cutting edge with a tactical twist.

Instagram account.

Is Rob Smith still married?

Rob Smith (born 25th June 1987; age: 37 years) is a Journalist, former army man, author, and political commentator from America.

Rob Smith Children, Gay Affairs, Wife & Personal Life.
Children Son– None Daughter– None
Marital Status Married
Husband’s Name Mikhail Safronov
29 thg 5, 2022

Where is Rob Smith from?

Rob Smith (soccer)
Personal information
Place of birth Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Position(s) Midfielder
Youth career

What rank was Rob Smith?

Robert T. Smith
Service/branch United States Army Air Forces United States Air Force Reserve
Years of service 1939–1945 1949–1966
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Service number 0-395294

Who is Robert Smith’s wife?

Where did Rob Smith go?

Former BBC South East Today star Rob Smith has described the rollercoaster journey he’s been on since leaving the media outlet after 25 years. It has been six months since Rob left the BBC, after first joining in 1995 to work as a presenter for BBC Radio Kent.

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What is Rob Smith doing now?

After 25 years with the BBC as a multi award winning broadcaster and journalist in both TV and Radio, in 2021 I decided to strike out on my own and set up Wild Rover Media .

How tall is Robert Smith?

Who is Rob on Fox News?

Rob Schmitt (born August 13, 1983) is an American television personality who served as a co-host on Fox & Friends First. He stopped appearing on the network in August 2020 and currently hosts the nightly program Rob Schmitt Tonight on Newsmax.

Military’s job is to protect the US, not be ‘woke’: Rob Smith

Military’s job is to protect the US, not be ‘woke’: Rob Smith
Military’s job is to protect the US, not be ‘woke’: Rob Smith

Images related to the topicMilitary’s job is to protect the US, not be ‘woke’: Rob Smith

Military'S Job Is To Protect The Us, Not Be 'Woke': Rob Smith
Military’S Job Is To Protect The Us, Not Be ‘Woke’: Rob Smith

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Rob Smith Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Age, Height, Parents, Family, Education & More

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Rob Smith (soccer)

American soccer player

Robert Smith (born August 20, 1973 in Wilmington, Delaware) is an American former soccer player. He spent five seasons with Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew as a midfielder. He was also a member of the US soccer team at the 1996 Summer Olympics.

player [edit]

youth [edit]

Rob Smith played many of his teenage years for Kirkwood Soccer Club in New Castle, Delaware.

Rob Smith played for Thomas McKean High School in Wilmington, DE before attending the University of South Carolina, where he played on the men’s soccer team from 1991-1994. He holds the school’s career record with 40 assists.

Professional [edit]

In 1995, Smith played eleven games with the Delaware Wizards of USISL. The Columbus Crew selected Smith in the second round (20th overall) in the 1996 MLS Supplemental Draft. He spent five seasons with the crew. Smith announced his retirement from playing on May 5, 2000. He played a game with the Indiana Blast.[1] He then signed with Charleston Battery on August 2, 2000 for the remainder of the USL 2000 season. He never played a game for the battery.

National teams[ edit ]

In 1993, Smith was selected for the US team that qualified for the 1993 U-20 World Cup in Australia. At the World Cup, USA went 1-1-1 in group play and qualified for the second round, where they fell to Brazil. Smith started in all four games and assisted on two US goals. In 1995, Smith was part of the US soccer team at the Pan American Games. The USA lost all three first round games and did not qualify for the second round. He also played on the US World University Games football team that year. In 1996, US coach Bruce Arena Smith named him to the US soccer team at the 1996 Summer Olympics. The team went 1-1-1 but didn’t make it to the second round.

coaching [edit]

Since retiring from professional sport, Smith has held several youth football positions, beginning with Learning Through Sports, an organization he founded in 1996. In 2001 he joined Worthington United Soccer Club and the Ohio South Olympic Development Program, remaining with both until 2003. In 2004 he joined WASA Eagles FC as Director of Player Development.[3] He also spent two seasons as an assistant coach at the University of South Carolina.

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In addition to coaching youth football, Smith is a physical education teacher at Worthington Hills Elementary School.

From 2006 to 2007 he taught badminton at Ohio State University.

From 2002 to 2006, he also taught a physical education class for elementary and middle school students at Calumet Christian School in Columbus, Ohio.

Robert T. Smith

Robert Tharp (R.T.) Smith (February 23, 1918 – August 21, 1995) was an American World War II fighter pilot and ace credited with 8.7, 8.9, or 9 Japanese aircraft while serving with the American Volunteer Group (Flying Tigers) fought.

Early life[edit]

He was born in York, Nebraska.[1][2] His family moved to Red Cloud from Hooper, Nebraska in 1927 when his father, Earl W. Smith, was hired as Superintendent of Schools. He graduated from Red Cloud High School in 1935. Smith attended the University of Nebraska before joining the United States Army Air Corps in 1939, in the middle of his senior year. Before enlisting in the Air Corps, he worked as a proofreader for the Nebraska State Journal.[4]

Flight training [ edit ]

He received his primary flight training at Allan Hancock College of Aeronautics in Santa Maria, California. During his training he received a few test flights with Robert L. Scott, who flew as Smith’s wingman on May 17, 1942 on Scott’s first combat mission to China. Smith completed his undergraduate education with Class 40-C at Randolph Field, Texas and his postgraduate education at Brooks Field, Texas. He was promoted to second lieutenant in June 1940 and returned to Randolph Field where his first assignment was as a flight instructor.

American Volunteer Group[edit]

Smith resigned in July 1941 to join Colonel Claire Lee Chennault’s American Volunteer Group (AVG) as a “soldier of fortune” in the nationalist Chinese Air Force. The Flying Tigers, as they would soon be known, were training Burma in Curtiss P-40s (actually Hawk Model 81-A-2s, or Tomahawks as the British called them) when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 8th. 1941 (December 7 in the United States).

R.T. Smith (sometimes called “Tadpole”[3] after David Lee “Tex” Hill provided the answer to a question Smith was asked: “What does the ‘T’ stand for?”) saw his first combat action over Rangoon on April 23. In 1941, when he was credited with shooting down 1.5 Mitsubishi Ki-21 “Sally” bombers, credit followed on Christmas Day for two more Sallys and a fighter. Promoted to flight leader in the third Pursuit Squadron, the “Hell’s Angels”, Smith was credited with shooting down a total of 8.7,[8] 8.9,[9] or 9[1][10] Japanese aircraft and received two awards from the Chinese government. The AVG continued to fight throughout Burma and Southwest China until officially disbanded on July 4, 1942.[11]

1st Air Commando Group [ edit ]

1st Air Commando Group Bomber Section Commander R.T. Smith and co-commanders John Alison and Phil Cochran before R.T. Smith’s B-25H “Barbie III” at Haikandi, India in March 1944

Smith returned to the United States on the USAT Mariposa along with 82 other AVG pilots and ground crew.[12] Before being enlisted in December 1942, Smith was technical adviser on The Sky’s the Limit, directed by E.H. Griffith and starring Fred Astaire and Joan Leslie.[14][15] The side of the P-40 Astaire flies at the beginning of the film and has a seated Hell’s Angel of the AVG Third Squadron that was on the side of Smith’s P-40 #77.

Smith was quickly reinstated as second lieutenant in the US Air Corps and promoted to major the next month. Over the next few months, as the commanding officer of 337 Fighter Squadron, 329 Fighter Group at Glendale, California and Paine Field, Everett, Washington, he trained backup pilots on Lockheed P-38 Lightning fighter aircraft. Smith married Barbara Bradford in June 1943 and adopted their son Brad from a previous marriage to vaudeville actor George Mann.

Shortly after being appointed commanding officer of the 329th Fighter Group in September 1943, he volunteered to return to the China-India-Burma Theater with the 1st Air Commando Group, flying occasional P-51 Mustang missions and the B – To command 25 Mitchell squadrons of this group in support of British General Orde Wingate’s troops advancing from India and moving behind Japanese lines in Burma (now Myanmar). One story is told when Smith was flying alone in his P-51 (named “Barbie” after his wife) and saw a crowd gathering around a jeep at the airfield. Someone was making a speech and Smith assumed it was Phil Cochran, co-commander (with John Alison) of 1st Air Commando Group. He put his P-51 into a dive and hummed the speaker, almost taking his hat off, at over 450 mph. It was only after Smith landed that he learned the speaker was Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander, South-East Asia. Lord Mountbatten was not angry with Smith, but was angry with his aide for letting him give a speech at an active airfield. Smith (“R.T.” according to Chuck Baisden for “Round Trip” while in 1st Air Commando Group)[18] was promoted to lieutenant colonel in March 1944, flew 55 combat missions over Burma and was awarded the Air Medal Distinguished Flying Cross and silver star.

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After discharge[edit]

Hells Angels, Flying Tigers, in formation over China, 1942. Photo and autograph by R.T. blacksmith

Smith returned to the United States in late spring 1944 and was assigned as Director of Flying Training at the 441st Army Air Force Base Unit at Van Nuys, California, a P-38 training base. The base operations officer at the time was Major Barry Goldwater. He resigned from the Air Corps at the end of World War II and bought a home in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley across from the Los Angeles River when it was actually a river and not the concrete canal it is today.

After flying Trans-World Airlines (TWA) DC3 and Constellations between Los Angeles and Kansas City for a year and a half, he wrote radio scripts for The Hopalong Cassidy Western Adventure Show, Lum and Abner, The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show, and the Clyde beatty show He also wrote the screenplay (with Frank Taussig) for the 1953 film Perils of the Jungle, starring Clyde Beatty.[19] Smith was co-owner of a toy manufacturer (Smith-Miller); developed and sold a product for conditioning convertible car tops (top secret);[1] and worked for Roy Weatherby as sales manager for Weatherby’s Inc.

R.T. and Barbara Smith divorced in 1955. Around this time, Smith joined Lockheed Aircraft Corporation as a technical writer and worked his way up through the organization, first as a military sales representative for the F-104 Starfighter and later to open and manage a new corporate office for Lockheed in Newport News, Virginia .[20] (Gerhard Neumann, who joined the American Volunteer Group in China, designed the J79 jet engine used in the F-104.) Smith served in the Air Force Reserve from 1949 to 1966 with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Smith married Ronni Burkett in July 1965. In the late 1960s he joined the Flying Tiger Line, founded by fellow American Volunteer Group pilot Robert Prescott, initially as vice president of industrial affairs in Washington, D.C. and later as Vice President for the Far East based in Tokyo. He left the Flying Tiger Line and Tokyo in the early 1970s to live and work in Palm Springs, California.

R.T. and Ronni Smith divorced in the mid-1970s. He returned to the San Fernando Valley, where he wrote and published Tale of a Tiger[21] based on his original journal entries[1] and several articles for Air Classics. He also started a mail order business, selling his book and color photographs taken during his time in AVG and 1st Air Commando Group, including this much-reproduced formation photograph of 3rd Squadron Hell’s Angels captured on May 28, 1942 near the Salween River was recorded along the border between China and Burma.

He died of lung cancer on August 21, 1995 at the age of 77 (the number he chose for his first P-40 in the AVG).

Smith was survived by his sister June, who died in 2001; three sons, Bradford, Robert and William; and three grandchildren.

Notes [edit]

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