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How Rich Is Daniel Kinahan Wife Caoimhe Robinson Net Worth 2022 Of The Posh Celebrity Spouse? All Answers

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An incredible Irish crook and boxing advertiser, Daniel Kinahan is married to Caoimhe Robinson. Robinson’s better half has been named a world innovator in coordinated misconduct by the High Court of Ireland.

MTK Global was founded in 2012 by Kinahan and Irish fighter Matthew Macklin in Marbella, Spain. He then tagged some high profile fighters including Tyson

A notable figure in the boxing scene, Daniel is credited as Fury’s instructor and relational arranger.

Daniel Kinahan’s Wife Net Worth in 2022 Due to her lack of public disclosure, Caoimhe’s total net worth is in shambles.

Caoimhe is the registered owner of two luxury properties in the Marina area of ​​Dubai, both in what has recently been revealed to be one of the most expensive areas in the world.

A one-bedroom loft in the Al Mesk Tower worth 420,000 euros and a four-bedroom condominium in the Elite Resence Tower are among the offerings.

There are currently a few four-room apartments in the high-rise on the market with annual rental income reports of around 70,000 euros.

In 2020, the property should be valued at 1.13 million euros. Robinson married Kinahan in a stunning service held by big-name global crooks in Dubai in 2017 after a long-running association with dead criminal Michael “Micka” Kelly. From that point on, she was settled in the Gulf state.

Daniel Kinahan Wife Caoimhe Robinson Age Daniel Kinahan’s new wife Caoimhe Robinson appears to be between the ages of 25 and 30 years old.

Tragically, a lot of data about her is unclear at this point; Therefore, her exact age is questionable.

Despite the fact that they’ve been married since around 2017, the couple is rarely the center of attention. Other than that, not much data is accessible on Robinson.

The lavish party attracted a portion of the world’s most dangerous medicine rulers and a group of pioneer crooks.

Also, their wedding took place in Dubai’s lavish seven-star Burj Al Arab, which was watched by global police analysts.

Daniel Kinahan Family Details Christy, Daniel’s father, is an Irish street pharmacist convicted of joy and heroin dealing. Christy is consered a pioneer and officer of the Kinahan cartel.

Jean Boylan and Christy Kinahan also raised Kinahan. On the other hand, Daniel Kinahan was recently tied to Jean Boylan whom he split in 2014. Daniel secured the bundle for the time to come.

Daniel was charged with assault by Dublin District Court in July this year and denied bail but the charges were overturned in January of the next year and he has met his family and has lived a blissful life ever since.

Is Daniel Kinahan married?

According to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, he has a residence in the Palm Jumeirah. He was married in May 2017 at the Burj Al Arab.

What is Daniel kinahan wanted for?

WikiLeaks revelation and arrest in Spain

In 2009, Kinahan was reportedly mentioned in a diplomatic cable sent from a US embassy in South America, in which he was described as a suspected international drug-trafficking figure. The reference was revealed in a WikiLeaks publication of confidential US documents.

Where do the Kinahans live?

Earlier this month, U.S. authorities said Daniel Kinahan lives on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah artificial islands, where international celebrities swarm and apartments cost millions of dollars.

How much are the Kinahan cartel worth?

Since the turn of the century, the Irishman is suspected of building a sprawling international drug cartel that is now ranked alongside the Italian mafia and estimated to have assets worth more than $1bn (around £800m).

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Daniel Kinahan Wife Caoimhe Robinson, Family, Net Worth & More

Daniel Kinahan wife Caoimhe Robinson: – Daniel Kinahan is a well-known Irish crime boss and boxing promoter from Dublin. He has also been nominated by the High Court of Ireland as a senior figure in organized crime at a global level.

He is the known eldest son named Jean Boylan and Christy Kinahan, a convicted drug dealer widely credited as the founder and leader of the Kinahan cartel.

Daniel Kinahan’s wife Caoimhe Robinson

Daniel Kinahan’s marital status is Married. His beautiful wife’s name is Caoimhe Robinson. He married his partner in a lavish ceremony at the seven-star Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai.

He was previously married to Jean Boylan, from whom he divorced in 2014. He tied his second wedding knot in July of that year.

Daniel Kinahan family

Today, people are interested in knowing Daniel Kinahan’s parents. His father was known as a drug lord. Daniel’s father’s name is Christy Kinahan and his mother’s name is unknown.

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He has a sibling named Christopher Jr. Kinahan. According to our sources, he was involved in boxing and drug smuggling.

Daniel Kinahan Net Worth

Here we have discussed Daniel Kinahan Net Worth. His net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

It looks like the UAE will return Belgium a suspected drug dealer alleged to have ordered killings in Dubai. How interesting familiar.

Antwerp drug lord arrested in Dubai – Nicola Tallant (@nicolatallantsw) June 19, 2020

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Daniel Kinahan

Irish sports promoter and criminal figure

For the Ulster Unionist politician, see Danny Kinahan

Daniel Joseph Kinahan (born June 25, 1977) is an Irish boxing promoter and suspected crime boss. He has been appointed a senior figure in organized crime at a global level by the High Court of Ireland.[1][2][3][4] The Criminal Assets Bureau has said it “controls and manages” the operations of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group (commonly referred to as the Kinahan Cartel), a criminal organization that smuggles drugs and firearms into Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe and “bandages has”. facilitating international criminal activities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America”.[5][6][7][8][9]

The Kinahan Cartel has an ongoing feud with the Hutch Gang. The feud began in 2015 when Gary Hutch was murdered by the Kinahan gang in Marbella, Spain. As of August 2021, at least 18 people have been killed in the feud.[10][11][12][13]

Early life[edit]

Kinahan was born in Dublin on June 25, 1977, the eldest son of Jean Boylan (died 2014) and Christy Kinahan.[15] His father is a high-ranking convicted drug dealer who was widely reported to be the founder and leader of the Kinahan cartel.[16] Kinahan grew up in Tallaght and then returned to Dublin, where he lived in Oliver Bond flats in the Liberties area.[17] Aged 23, he was one of five people arrested in connection with a “vicious attack” on two members of the Irish Police outside Shelbourne Park; He was charged with assault and refused bail by Dublin District Court. The charges were dropped the next year.[14]

Kinahan cartel [ edit ]

Overview [ edit ]

A 2009 diplomatic cable sent to the Pentagon from a US embassy in South America described Kinahan as a “suspect of international drug trafficking.”[14]

Kinahan was arrested in Spain in 2010 during a joint operation by Spanish, Irish and British authorities in which the UK’s Serious Organized Crime Agency (the predecessor of the National Crime Agency) deployed more than 200 officers in the arrest phase of the multinational drug company’s human trafficking investigations.[18 ]

Kinahan was the reported target of the 2016 Regency Hotel shooting that left three people dead, including 32-year-old Kinahan employee David Byrne, who was shot dead. It was reported that the Garda Síochána believed Kinahan fled the attack by jumping out of a window.[19] He was also the target of at least one other assassination attempt.[18]

In 2018, a Spanish police officer told a court in Marbella that Kinahan ordered the 2015 killing of Costa del Sol gang rival Gary Hutch.[21]

Travel ban to the United States[edit]

He is denied entry to the United States because he is on a list of “narco-terrorists” drawn up by the FBI and the Drug Enforcement Administration. There are 27 other Kinahan cartel associates who are also banned from entering the United States.[22] His father, Christy Kinahan, and his brother, Christopher Jr., are also barred from entering the United States.[18] Kinahan is said to have been a target of the British National Crime Agency.[18]

Drug Enforcement Agency documents[edit]

DEA documents sent to Dutch police revealed what would be a super drug cartel led by Daniel Kinahan, Raffaele Imperiale (Camorra’s drug and arms dealer), Ridouan Taghi (Dutch criminal, now in prison) and Edin Gačanin (Bosnian drug dealer). 23] The group was observed by the DEA at meetings at the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, home of the alleged cartel. The meetings took place in 2017 but only reached Dutch media in October 2019. The DEA considers this to be one of the fifty largest drug cartels in the world with a virtual monopoly on Peruvian cocaine and would control about a third of the cocaine trade in Europe. According to the DEA documents, the Dutch ports would be the destination for all drug shipments.[24][25][26]

Criminal Assets Bureau case[ edit ]

In March 2022, it was revealed that the Criminal Assets Bureau was pursuing a case against Kinahan, Jim Mansfield Jr. and fellow cartel member Thomas “Bomber” Kavanagh. The case had been pursued in secret for over a year, with Mansfield as the primary target, with Kinahan and Kavanagh among others as suspects.[27]

A three-hour podcast interview by James English was scheduled for release on March 17, 2022, but English announced on March 14 that the podcast was canceled due to legal issues.[28]

United States sanctions[ edit ]

In April 2022, the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control imposed sanctions on Daniel Kinahan, his father Christy Kinahan and brother Christy Kinahan Jr., and several associates of the Kinahan family. The OFAC notice refers to the family and their associates collectively as the “Kinahan Organized Crime Group” or “KOCG.” The action adds the crime group to the list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons under the United States International Emergency Economic Powers Act and Executive Order 13581.[29]

Inclusion on the SDN List blocks all property of the Designated Persons within the United States financial system and prohibits US persons from doing business with them. Violations of the sanctions, including aiding and abetting their evasion, carry a maximum criminal penalty of twenty years imprisonment.[30][31]

On April 12, 2022, the United States Department of State announced the offering of rewards of up to $5 million under the Narcotics Rewards Program for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of family members of Kinahan. The reward is offered jointly with the Garda Síochána, the National Crime Agency and the Drug Enforcement Administration.[32]

Block bank accounts [ edit ]

On April 21, 2022, the United Arab Emirates froze his assets, including both personal and business bank accounts.[33]

Boxing promotion[ edit ]

Overview [ edit ]

In 2012, Kinahan co-founded MTK Global (originally called MGM) with Irish boxer Matthew Macklin in Marbella, Spain. Since its inception, MTK Global has signed a variety of world-class fighters such as Tyson Fury and Darren Till. In 2017, following the shooting of David Byrne, whose main target was Kinahan, MTK Global severed its ties with Kinahan.[34] However, he has remained a prominent figure in the international boxing world, including as a consultant and matchmaker for Fury.[35]

Despite splitting from MTK Global in February 2017, Kinahan remained an active figure in global boxing. On June 10, 2020, it was reported that Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua had reached an agreement in principle over a two-fight deal that pundits have been touting as the “biggest fight in British boxing history”. Fury publicly thanked Kinahan for his help in brokering the agreement. “Kudos Dan, he nailed it, literally over the line, two fight deal, Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua next year.” he said.[36] In March 2022, World Boxing Council (WBC) President Mauricio Sulaimán said of Kinahan: “I am not one to judge a person and that has been our organization’s policy of fighting all forms of discrimination and abuse of power before all person and Group. For that reason, Daniel will have our full support in his quest to bring benefits to boxing.”[37][38]

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In June 2020, the Irish Government expressed its “outrage” at Kinahan’s involvement in brokering the proposed Boxing Agreement, resulting in Kinahan being named in Ireland’s Parliament, Dáil Éireann, and chosen by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, the country’s Prime Minister .[39] The Irish Foreign Office contacted authorities in the United Arab Emirates regarding Kinahan.[40] BBC News reported that “Politicians, police officers and the public in Ireland are interested in the outside world knowing what they are calling the real Daniel Kinahan.”[41]

Also in June 2020, Kinahan, who was serving as a “special advisor” to KHK Sports, was released from the role after just a month. KHK Sports, owned by Khalid bin Hamad Al Khalifa, a son of the King of Bahrain, has enlisted the assistance of the Bahrain government’s Head of International Media Relations to deliver the statement of Kinahan’s termination of his post directly to the media. 42][43]

In March 2022, laid out Kinahan’s continued role in global boxing, calling him “the most significant figure in the history of Irish sport”.[44]

Panorama documentation[ edit ]

In February 2021, BBC Panorama aired a report on Kinahan’s involvement in boxing.[45] Barry McGuigan spoke of intimidation in boxing.[45] Daniel Kinahan denied the allegations.[45]

Robert Smith of the British Boxing Board of Control said the board could do nothing about Kinahan.[46] In the Panorama program, attorneys for MTK Global confirmed that Kinahan still advises fighters.[46] Smith said: “It was obviously disappointing for the sport but the Gentleman is in no way licensed by the British Boxing Board. We do not license MTK as a promoter. We license individuals, so the promoter named is Lee Eaton and he is the only person we deal with.”[46] (Lee Eaton is an employee of MTK Global.[46]) Smith said there was a gap in board regulations meant they were powerless to regulate “consultants” like Kinahan. [46]

On February 5, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) announced that the Panorama team that produced the documentary had been threatened.[47][48][49] A journalist was forced to leave his home in Northern Ireland and his family was taken to a safe place under the protection of the PSNI due to a threat to his life.[50]

On February 7, 2021, Billy Joe Saunders, a boxer who employs Kinahan as a consultant, sent journalist Nicola Tallant a direct message on Twitter, urging her to “write something positive about Daniel Kinahan” in exchange for an in-person interview with Kinahan. 51] Tallant, writing for the Sunday World, turned down the offer.[51]

On February 8, 2021, Kinahan issued a statement to Talksport in the UK denying he was part of a criminal organization.[52][53] He also denied threatening any journalist and confirmed he was still involved in boxing.[52][53] He claimed that the Panorama program was “a repetition of unsubstantiated allegations made on many occasions previously.”[52][53] He criticized the Special Criminal Court (despite being described by the High Court[54] – not the SCC) as a very senior figure in organized crime on a global scale and said it had no convictions.[52][53] Kinahan has never challenged findings of fact against him in Irish courts.[55]

Subpoena issued[ edit ]

In December 2020, he was served with a blackmail subpoena by US attorneys in Qatar.[56][57] Boxing promoter Moses Herrida files a civil lawsuit over the signing of Joseph Diaz while he was under contract with Herrida Boxing Management. He claimed that MTK offered him a $100,000 (£81,500) advance after winning the 2020 World Championship, in breach of a five-year deal the boxer had signed with HBM. Herrida also alleges that Daniel Kinahan and MTK are in violation of RICO law, which can be used in civil matters.[56][57] Herrida alleges that Kinahan founded MTK Global as a “front business” to launder illicit drug proceeds, and that despite claims that Kinahan is no longer involved with the organization, he still “influences and controls” it.[56] ][57] Kinahan must file an answer in the United States District Court for the Central District of California or face a default judgment against him.[56][57]

Personal life[edit]

As of 2019, Kinahan and his brother Christopher Jr. live in Dubai.[58] According to the Office of Foreign Assets Control, he resides on the Palm Jumeirah.[59] He married at the Burj Al Arab in May 2017.[60] Guests included criminals from diverse backgrounds such as Ridouan Taghi and Naoufal Fassih (both Moroccan-Dutch), Ricardo Riquelme Vega (Chilean) and Raffaele Imperiale (Italian).[60] Dutch police are investigating claims by a man named Nabil B that they worked together after the wedding party helped investigators identify a “super cartel” alliance.[60] Messages recovered from Ennetcom servers have also supported claims that the criminals in question are doing business together.[60]

Who is Daniel Kinahan The alleged Irish crime boss wanted by US authorities

He was once showered with praise by Tyson Fury for brokering one of the greatest fights in British boxing history.

Now the US government is offering $5 million for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Daniel Kinahan and the other Kinahan cartel leaders.

The dramatic intervention is seen as a major blow to the sprawling criminal gang, whose drug and firearms dealings spread from the streets of Dublin to countries around the world.

Here, Sky News examines what we know about Kinahan, the alleged crime boss who is said to have brought “an element of terror” to the world of boxing.

Image: Tyson Fury praised Daniel Kinahan for striking a deal to fight Anthony Joshua. Image: Tyson Fury

Early life


Born in Dublin in 1977, Kinahan is the eldest son of Christy Kinahan, a convicted drug dealer who is widely credited as the founder of his family’s criminal operation.

Kinahan has claimed growing up in a deprived area with high levels of poverty and crime, which sparked his interest in boxing.

“From there, nothing is expected of people like me other than to serve the middle and upper classes,” he said.

“Boxing is a working class sport for which I have a lifelong love and passion.”

Kinahan – who has no criminal record – was reportedly arrested in May 2001 in connection with an attack on two police officers outside Dublin’s Shelbourne Park greyhound stadium.

He was charged with assault and initially denied bail, but the charges were dropped the following January, according to the Irish Independent.

WikiLeaks exposed and arrested in Spain

In 2009, Kinahan was reportedly mentioned in a diplomatic cable sent from a US embassy in South America, describing him as a suspected international drug trafficker.

The tip was revealed in a WikiLeaks release of confidential US documents.

Kinahan was arrested in Spain in 2010 along with his father Christy and brother Christopher Jr., but the long-running money laundering case was dropped in 2020.

Image: Kinahan after his arrest in 2010. Image: Solarpix

In 2016 it was reported that during his time in Ireland, Kinahan ran a number of harmless businesses ranging from interior design firms to a cleaning business – for none of which he ever filed a deal.

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Company records showed that Kinahan referred to himself as an “upholsterer,” according to the Irish Independent.

Attempt to kill Kinahan amidst gang feuds

Kinahan fled Ireland after an attempt was made on his life at a boxing weigh-in at Dublin’s Regency Hotel in 2016.

Gunmen from the rival Hutch gang, disguised as armed police, attempted to assassinate him and instead killed his partner David Byrne.

Describing the incident, Kinahan said one of the attackers was “maybe twenty feet away from me” when he saw a gun and heard “boom-boom” shots being fired.

At least 18 people were murdered in the feud between the two gangs.

Image: Garda Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll speaks at the briefing on the Kinahans

Kinahan, his father Christy and his brother Christopher Jnr are all now living in the United Arab Emirates.

In May 2017, Kinahan reportedly got married at the seven-star Burj al Arab hotel in Dubai.

According to Dublin Live, the guests included Chilean drug lord Ricard “El Rico” Vega, Dutch-Moroccan gangster Ridouan Taghi and Italian mobster Raffaele Imperialem.

Tyson Fury’s praise for Kinahan

Kinahan co-founded boxing management company MTK Global, which represents more than 300 fighters including Tyson Fury, Carl Frampton and Billy Joe Saunders.

In June 2020, Fury publicly thanked Kinahan for striking a one-on-one deal with fellow British heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua in one of the most anticipated title fights in the history of the sport.

Twitter Your consent settings prevent you from seeing this. Open the privacy options

“I’m on the phone with Daniel Kinahan right now,” Fury said.

“He has just informed me that the biggest fight in British boxing history has just been arranged.

“Kudos to Dan. He nailed it, literally over the line. Two fight deal.”

He continued, “So a big thank you to Dan for getting this deal across the line. All the best. God bless you all. See you soon.”

There is absolutely no evidence Tyson Fury has been linked to any wrongdoing.

After news of Kinahan’s involvement, then-Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said it was “entirely appropriate” for broadcasters not to show the planned fights.

Picture: Tyson Fury celebrates after winning a world title fight against Deontay Wilder last October

Following the outcry, KHK, a sports media company founded by the son of the King of Bahrain, said it had fired Kinahan as a consultant.

And just two weeks after his video praising Kinahan, Fury’s US promoter Bob Arum claimed the boxer had ended his professional relationship with the Irishman.

However, Arum added that Fury “loves, admires and respects” Kinahan.

The deal between Fury and Joshua was later scrapped after a ruling meant Fury had to face US boxer Deontay Wilder.

“Dangerous” Kinahan brings “terror” to boxing

Ireland’s former world boxing champion Barry McGuigan has publicly expressed his serious concerns about Kinahan’s role in the sport.

McGuigan called Kinahan a “dangerous man” whose role in boxing brought an “element of terror” to the sport.

Image: Barry McGuigan has called Kinahan ‘dangerous’

He told a BBC Panorama documentary last year: “There is no doubt that there is an intimidation effect, there is no question about that.

“If we believed what we believe, this is a very dangerous man.

“There is an element of fear and dread surrounding this name.

“Somebody has to watch this sport. You really need to look at this situation very carefully because it’s bloody dangerous.”

After the show aired, the BBC said a Panorama team had been threatened in connection with the show by unnamed criminal elements in Northern Ireland.

Image: Kinahan has no criminal record. Image: Solarpix

Kinahan denies ties to criminal gangs

Following the Panorama program, Kinahan issued a statement insisting he was not affiliated with any criminal gang.

He also said he still organizes “record-breaking world title fights” despite claims from broadcasters and boxing promoters that they are not dealing with him.

“I can’t get the basic insult clearer — I’m not part of any criminal gang or any conspiracy,” he told TalkSport.

“I have no beliefs. No. Not just in Ireland, but all over the world.”

Fury, pictured with Kinahan in Dubai, as boxing boss offers support

In February this year, Fury was pictured with his arm around a smiling Kinahan in Dubai.

A month later, World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman offered his support to Kinahan after meeting the Irishman.

Writing an opinion piece for The Herald of Mexico, Sulaiman said Kinahan faced “prejudice” after being “branded as a person with ties to criminal groups.”

He added, “I am not one to judge any person and it has been our organization’s policy to fight all forms of discrimination and abuse of power in front of every person and group.”

Image: The US Treasury Department released a graphic of the criminal operation. Image: US Treasury Department

Kinahan ‘sources large quantities of cocaine from South America’

On Tuesday, the US government announced a $5 million (£3.8 million) reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Daniel Kinahan, his father Christy and brother Christopher Jnr.

The US Treasury Department has described the Kinahan crime gang as a “major transnational criminal organization.”

It said: “Each member of the KOCG (Kinahan Organized Crime Group) reports to Daniel Kinahan, who is believed to direct the day-to-day operations of the organization.”

Kinahan has ordered members of the Kinahan crime group to send money to people serving sentences, including those convicted of murder and attempted murder, according to the US Treasury Department.

Image: There is a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Daniel Kinahan

Kinahan “also sources large quantities of cocaine from South America” ​​and “plays a vital role in organizing drug supplies in Ireland and trying to facilitate the import of cocaine into the UK,” he added.

Some of boxing’s biggest figures – including Fury – have now been urged to sever ties with Kinahan.

Irish Police Commissioner Drew Harris said: “If you are involved with these individuals who have been sanctioned or these organizations which are being sanctioned, you are involved in a criminal network.

“I would ask them to look after their own business, the integrity of their own business and their relationship with their fans, and really, that’s something they want to be involved with in terms of their legitimate business. I think the answer to that is a resounding no.”

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